How To SAVE YOUR FUEL ON GT7 ! – Short Shifting ! 😃 #GT7

How To SAVE YOUR FUEL ON GT7 ! – Short Shifting ! 😃 #GT7

Save Fuel on GT7 Now. I’ll show you the exact fuel saving strategies I use to save fuel on Gran Turismo 7. We are using Monza and the GR3 AMG Mercedes as an example.


This is short shifting.
You change gear just as the rev counter starts to fill up from the left hand side.
This again keeps the engine revs down and therefore uses less fuel.

Fuel saving is an important skill to master as you never know when you may need to use it.

Reasons for saving fuel:-
You may be in the daily race C with fuel consumption active.
You may want to try a no stop race.
The pit lane time loss may be large.
The refuelling rate in the pits may be really slow,
Like me, you may race in a league where the fuel multiplier can be as much as 7x.
Therefore making fuel saving a necessity if you want to be competitive.

Fuel saving might not be a something you use a lot, However it is worthwhile knowing and practising it so you have it up your sleeve in case you need it.

Practice all the strategies outlined and find out which works best for you and your car of choice.
Good luck and I hope you get some value out of it.

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My Equipment:
Logitech G29 wheel and pedals.
Pedals have been modified with the TruBrake and a replacement potentiometer in the throttle pedal.
Both pedal mods were purchased from

PS4 Console.
Rig:- Next Level Racing GT Track.
Next Level Racing Single Monitor Stand
Monitor:- Viewsonic VX3219 32in Curved.
Razer Seiren PS4 Microphone
MPOW Headphones

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