Gran Turismo 7 – Daily Race C – Mount Panorama – Ford Mustang #GranTurismo7 #GT7 #PS5 #SimRacing

Gran Turismo 7 – Daily Race C – Mount Panorama – Ford Mustang #GranTurismo7 #GT7 #PS5 #SimRacing

Gran Turismo 7 | Playstation 5 | GT 7 | PS5 | Thrustmaster T300RS – T3pa Add-on | Daily Race C | Mount Panorama | Beetle Gr3

Hello Everyone!
This week’s Daily Race C taking place at Mount Panorama with the Gr.3 Cars.
In this race we driving the Ford Mustang Gr3 with the Castrol colors, Rick Kelly’s replica.
Let’s make it look a little like v8 Supercars!
Sorry about the mistakes in the race, was really unstable at times and wasn’t easy to find pace since it was the first time driving Mustang on GT7, basically just bought it placed the livery and entered the race, so I had to get use to it in the race!
Hope you guys enjoy the Race!
Stay Safe! Keep Racing!

Thanks to:
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✔️LiwaR / RealSimRacing
✔️Anastasis Georgiadis

Car Designs By:
✔️Esportsdesign (

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